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EDS Technologies expands its reach by opening new offices in
Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata and Mumbai in India
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EDS Technologies actively participated in Dassault Systemes'
3DExperience Forum held across five cities in India
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EDS Technologies sponsored Regional User Meet hosted by
Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA Brand division
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Dassault Systemes introduces "Licensed to Cure", a new Industry Solution Experience for fully compliant Medical Devices Read more

The Goldfire 7.5 release, now also available on iPad and Android Tablets, informs decision-making across the product lifecycle Read more

Lua, a scripted and light-weight programming language which
builds better Behaviors is available in VR-Forces 4.1
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Honda Leverages Simulation to Meet Changing Market Needs
In the detailed design process, the quality of prerelease designs is evaluated using CAE.
Areas that are highly integrated and require a lot of time, like nonlinearity and vibration
noise, are performed by specialists using Abaqus Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
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A New Paradigm for Enterprise Information Discovery
A New Paradigm for Enterprise Information Discovery and Access. SBAs combine the best
of BI and Enterprise Search to deliver what until today has been an elusive goal for the
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The Necessity of Visual Collaboration in Today's Global Economy
Design changes made prior to the first prototype launch are approximately 100 times
cheaper than those made afterward. Reliability Growth data indicates that employing
3DVIA Composer to enhance information exchange at this critical stage
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Optimizing Decision-Making Across the Product Lifecycle
Invention Machine's Goldfire, the Optimal Decision Engine, uniquely addresses the
knowledge challenge - informing product decisions across the product lifecycle
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Using Bathymetric Data with Terra Vista to build Bathymetric Marine Databases
The purpose of this workflow is to demonstrate the use of Bathymetric data with
Terra Vista in building an underwater database. The sample data contained here is freely
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Physics-based Motion for Vega Prime Developers
Vortex for Vega Prime™ is a development platform for modeling physically accurate
vehicles, articulated machinery, and robots for real-time simulation
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The current economic challenges has only accelerated the need for better innovation, faster turnaround and finding better and more efficient way of doing things. Our customers have always been adopting new technologies and tools from EDS Technologies portfolio to cope up with their business challenges more effectively. At EDS Technologies we work closely with all our customers to understand their requirements and offer wide range of options in terms of software packaging, implementation, services and training needs. With the inauguration of our office in Kolkata starting October 2012, we are now present in 11 locations across India and are much closer to most of our customers offering the best in class technology and services. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.
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