Dassault Systèmes awarded Mr. S. J. Ganesha Kumar of EDS Technologies for 'Leveraging Relationship To Win Business And Customer Confidence'.
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Z Corporation Releases zp150 Material for ZPrinter 310 Plus and Spectrum Z510 3D Printers for Stronger, Whiter Models.
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Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA Integrates KineoWorks™ from Kineo CAM to Revolutionize Product Documentation and Experience.
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VT MÄK announces release of VR-Forces Entity Boost plug-in key component of cross-product initiative to support simulations of 100,000 entities and beyond.
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  Camping on the Moon—or even Mars
ILC Dover made spacesuits for NASA’s Apollo astronauts in the 1960s and 70s and gear for the space shuttle crew that repaired the Hubble telescope earlier this year. Its latest out-of-this-world product is inflatable houses designed for future outposts on the moon—or even Mars.
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  Design For Manufacturing with Dassault Systèmes
Specialists from Operations and Logistics at Nokia are spearheading the drive for Design for Manufacture (DFM) by acting as facilitators between Design and Manufacturing in order to help to cut costs and improve product quality.
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  Ford Global Powertrain Organization Standardizes on CATIA Globally to Improve Design Efficiency
Ford has many historical achievements to its legendary name. From large-scale manufacturing of cars using moving assembly lines, to the invention of the pony car category, Ford has consistently set standards for innovation and quality.
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  ITER—Forging the tools for fusion power with Dassault Systèmes and Microsoft
Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the sun and stars. Harnessing it as a new energy source for mankind is the goal of ITER, the world’s largest fusion energy research project.
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Virtual Reality has made its way into laboratories and hospitals as a tool for medical research and patientcare. For instance, what follows describes how 3DVIA Virtools assists the recovery program of patients severely injured at the hands.
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Darshan Racca
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Witnessing the recent exigent economic situation, companies are now recognizing the benefits of optimum solution definition and implementation. Technology has raced ahead – digital paper is a commonplace and virtual product creation is now part and parcel of everyday industrial life. It is at the same time equally important to leverage and nurture innovative ways while respecting the viability. EDST practice is to continuously evolve with the changing time and stand out in the global competition to face new challenges. With more than a decade of experience and a dynamic team of expert professionals, we assure leaner and productive outcomes. We truly believe in offering solutions that compliment the client’s growth and profit terms.
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