VR-Vantage – Fits your simulation system the way you work your budget.
There are many ways to integrate 3D graphics into your simulation system, and VR-Vantage provides the flexibility to fit your design. VR-Vantage is comprised of two applications and a toolkit.
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RAMSIS is the ideal platform to support the valorization of your ergonomic knowledge
Collaboration between universities and the business sector is of more and more strategic importance. Around the world, prominent universities are giving top priority to co-operation with non-educational organizations in research projects. The key to such projects’ success is effective transformation of academic research into knowledge that business can put it into commercial use.
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SIMULIA Product Strategy for Energy Innovation

Energy sources are becoming increasingly diverse, and require a wide range of engineering solutions to meet industry challenges-such as extracting oil from deeper offshore locations; designing safer, longer-lasting nuclear plants; and making solar, wind, wave, and other alternative energy sources more economical.
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Design Express for Multi-CAD

PLM is no longer for mega-manufacturers alone. Design Express lets you start off right with out-of-the-box optimized collaborative product design, and then expand at your own pace to full PLM as your company and processes evolve.
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Electronic systems used in automobiles are extremely complex. Time-to-market and production costs can be significantly reduced while designing & developing infotainment systems, multi-functional dashboard, and message centre displays for high-end automobiles.
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The Indian industries have been moving away from traditional 2D based product design methodology to 3D. In order to maximize the business benefits, organizations should look forward to emerging technologies in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for effective collaboration between their suppliers and customers. With our knowledge of Indian market backed by strong technical skills, we are confident of providing the right cost effective solutions to every organization.
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