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  September - 2011 Newsletter www.edstechnologies.com  

EDS Technologies in association with Dassault systemes conducted one day seminar on Engineering Analysis for Automotive Industry Read more

EDS Technologies sponsored and organized CAD Modeling Contest Shockaeronz 2011- National level technical Symposium
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EDS Technologies along with BARCO Electronic Systems participated in the seminar SEM-SIM 2011 organized by CII
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International fashion company improves collaboration and increases efficiency in the garment manufacturing process with Dassault Systemes
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MAK is expanding its portfolio with Modeling & Simulation sales to the civil aviation community
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Presagis joins FACE Consortium-Company to work with military and industry leaders to drive open avionics standards
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CATIA V6 redefines CAD T
CATIA V6 leverages the capacity of innovation for companies of all sizes in all industries by delivering breakthrough productivity design solutions powered by a highly
collaborative platform
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Optimisation of Welds with Manufacturing Considerations
Fatigue is the main in-service failure mode for automotive chassis & suspension parts,
especially weld fatigue. Over the years, Tata Steel Automotive Engineering (TSAE) has
developed techniques for CAE durability assessment including the optimisation of seam- welded chassis/suspension structures
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How Invention Machine Goldfire Works
Invention Machine Goldfire is innovation software that combines proven innovation workflows and collaboration capabilities with precise access to corporate and external knowledge
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Q-Doctor - allows healing geometry
To support users even better, Q-Doctor-as a new component of Q-Checker - allows healing geometry. The original feature geometry remains unchanged, but a new healing feature is added to the model
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Advanced simulation and visualization technologies to help design and build the Next- Generation Air Traffic Management System to help your company in the process
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DI-Guy SDK (Software Development Toolkit)
DI-Guy SDK (Software Development Toolkit) is a set of C++ libraries and content that enable you to add realistic human characters to your application quickly and efficiently
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RTCA/DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance
for Airborne Electronic Hardware [1] is a set
of considerations or guidelines... Read More
"EDS Technologies comprehends the need of learning solutions in engineering enterprises. We are uniquely placed in our learning solution offerings with Dassault Systemes certified faculties, globally adopted pedagogy and professional learning environment which guarantee highest learning satisfaction. In our constant endeavor to add value to our esteemed customers and industry we have launched Performance Accelerator Program-to increase the efficiency of the current design team and Hiring Solutions -from Entry level talents to Domain specific talents for corporate."
Abhishek Pathak  
Marketing Manager
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