VAMOS CAA V5 based
  The New Generation Of Die-Design-System  
  In the process-chain production preparation, the die design will become more and more a strategic topic concerning expenses and time. Only more efficient design techniques will lead to a significant reduction of lead time and therefore to a lowering of costs in die design

The VAMOS system provides a set of components and a comfortable component handler, which enables the designer to build up and modify complex objects while being guided through the integration process.
  VAMOS offers solutions  
  • Die design of
    Conventional dies, which are used for the manufacturing of the body in white for the automotive industry,
    Progressive dies, for the manufacturing of smaller parts from strip material
  • The process chain,
    The manufacturing of these parts starting from the pattern model, data for the NC processing for drilling and milling up to the bill of material and drafting for the assembly
  • ’Concurrent Engineering’,
    The parallel design of different parts of the same die
  • Reusability
    Of existing designs by fast and easy modifications of existing models.

VAMOS is completely integrated in CATIA V5 and provides an additional workbench with own commands. The CATIA V5-standards were applied to the VAMOS functionality up to the VAMOS help online documentation. VAMOS therefore has the same ’look&feel’, is easy to learn and to use.

  VAMOS components  

The design of dies with VAMOS is based on building blocks of components, which are provided from VAMOS. The die will be created by a step wise combining of these components.

Castings: Single castings, assembly of castings (basic dies) and correction components to modify castings

Piercings: From single punches up to complete piercing units together with the correction to castings (pedestals, scrap holes,..)

Steels: Cutting steels, scrap cutter and flange steels

Cam unit: An assembly of slide, driver and adapter to perform operations in an arbitrary direction.

Standard parts: A lot of standard parts e.g. plates, pillars, transport- and fastening parts, gauges and nitro cylinders.

All components are completely parameterized and have already their own correction solids to modify the casting environment after the integration due to the mounting situation.

VAMOS CAA V5 based - the application system totally integrated into CATIA V5 - is the ideal solution for die design. It is the quintessence of 15 years experience. It contains ’Knowledgeware’ modules, the necessary components for conventional dies & progressive dies
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