Dassault Systemes India PLM Executive Summit 2007

Dassault Systemes’ (DS) India team announced the India PLM Executive Summit titled ‘Profitable Innovation for All’ to be held on Friday, November 16, 2007 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

Created over two decades ago, Dassault Systemes is a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions to over 100,000 customers from an eclectic mix of industries across 27 countries. Today, Dassault Systemes helps companies anticipate the industrial processes of the future, with solutions that provide a 3D view of a product's lifecycle, from creation to maintenance, including manufacturing and maintenance.

India’s macroeconomic growth has seen a swathe of industries embrace Innovation as a key competitive advantage. The rapid adoption of DS solutions has been an evidence of this change in the country. The long-term success for India – her people, industry and organizations - vis-à-vis their global peers lies not just innovating but in Innovating Profitably across the Value Chain.

To drive this message, CxO’s & senior industry members from over 100 companies, will indulge in dialectic at the summit. Key areas of discussion will be Product, Process and Socio-cultural Innovation across the value chain, sustained growth through profitable innovation, evolution from outsourcing destination to engineering and manufacturing innovation and competing on value and quality, not on cost.

The summit will have three sessions followed by a roundtable panel discussion. A panel of three speakers will address each session followed by tea/coffee break. The summit would culminate with a wine tasting & cocktail reception followed by entertainment and gala dinner.

Through the event Dassault Systemes hope to evolve strategy in taking forward the manufacturing economy of India and in ensuring that DS build unique competitive advantage for India globally.

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