Dassault Systemes presents 3rd DS India Executive PLM Summit on 6th November 2009, at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.
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Z Corporation Introduces First Automated, Monochrome 3D Printer.
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Presagis releases STAGE 6.0: Extensive feature-set will power next generation simulation.
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EDS Technologies showcased their 3D Visual Simulation solutions at INDESEC Expo 2009.
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Common Database (CDB).
Traditional synthetic environment data base generation techniques until now were mainly processed using an offline approach and were customized to the specific runtime system with which they needed to work.
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DELMIA QUEST® - A complete 3D digital factory environment for process flow simulation & analysis, accuracy, and profitability.
QUEST’s flexible, object-based, discrete event simulation environment combined with powerful visualization and robust import/export capabilities makes it the engineering and management solution of choice for process flow simulation and analysis.
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3DVIA Virtools 5 - A Comprehensive Platform for Creating Highly Interactive 3D Applications.
3DVIA Virtools 5 allows users to imagine, share and experience highly interactive 3D content.
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Using SmarTeam Engineering Express.
ENOVIA SmarTeam helps you significantly accelerate your product launch and prevent numerous, lengthy and costly change management processes.
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In sport and medicine today, precise body dimensions can help to provide better performance and better results in the prevention and treatment of injuries. Human Solutions continually supports its customers by taking individual body measurements, monitoring their development and drawing conclusions about more efficient motion postures.
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We must use current economic climate to re-engineer the process. Our solutions offerings have helped many customers to redesign their product and process. We are keen to extend this offering to companies which would like to go the SMART way in their business process. Please get in touch with us to help you.

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