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  EDS Technologies conducted a webinar on CATIA DMU for product process simulation and validation on 13th May read more...  
  EDS Technologies conducted a webinar on Electrical Harness Flattening Workbench on 16th May read more...  
  SAP Launches New SAP S/4HANA Service Packages read more...  
  EDS Technologies partner Human Solutions helps customer to upgrade their efficiency with PLM GoLive in the development process read more...  

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Designing a jet engine is one of the most difficult engineering challenges there is. The intake, fan, compressor, combustion chamber, turbines and exhaust must all operate in tandem throughout a vast range of altitude, weather and temperature conditions. Further complicating the design task is that important, invisible player: aerodynamics. How do you get power efficiently Read more...


DELMIA Prismatic Machining (MTM) enables users to program milling machines to produce parts which require advanced 2.5 axis milling, axial and probing operations. NC programmers are immersed in a V6 3D environment that delivers a lifelike experience as they create, optimize and validate their milling programs in the context of the physical machine. Through its V6 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment, DELMIA Prismatic Machining also provides easy access to machining resources, NC program and part setup information that is always up-to-date. Read more...

Add a New Dimension to Your Product Communications

Today's product developers are cutting costs, saving time, and growing their competitive advantage with 3DVIA Composer, the next generation of 3D content authoring software. A flexible and easy-to-use desktop content creation system, 3DVIA Composer streamlines the creation of product documentation and technical illustrations. For more dynamic product communication needs, 3DVIA Composer also provides a highly efficient platform for creating animated 3D assembly and maintenance instructions, and interactive marketing communications. Read More..


DELMIA Resource Layout (RLT) delivers a V6 3D environment for defining and validating shop floor layouts and delivering them to both the shop floor for construction and to downstream stakeholders as they further enrich and validate their process plans. Manufacturing planners can more efficiently define the resource layout for a factory through the delivery of advanced layout capabilities. DELMIA Resource Layout includes a catalog of parametric resources such as conveyers, Read more...

Heard about SAP HANA but not Clear what it can do for Your Business?

SAP HANA is an in-memory data and application platform that makes real-time business a reality. SAP HANA is literally changing the world by reimagining data and transforming the ways we live and work.
Watch Video..

CASE STUDY: SAP Software Helps Auto Supplier Shift Processes into Higher Gear

SAP Business All-in-One has allowed Aditya Auto to gain a unified view of its overall business and processes. Prior to the deployment, employees would have to hunt for data in different systems, databases, or spreadsheets. Today, thanks to improved data archiving, drill-down features, and better database management, Aditya Auto has reduced the effort needed to find, gather, and interpret information. Read more...

Webinar on CATIA V5 DMU Series 3




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R Reghuprasad

National Manager - Strategic Initiatives

  The only thing constant is the change goes the saying. Technology disruption drives lot of product and process innovations driving business growth. New technologies and its advancements can bring about the changes required for existing businesses to transform or for new businesses to prosper. We at EDS Technologies partner with the technology leaders and provide the best of technology platforms to our esteemed customers– be it technologies for program management, product innovation, virtual validation or for digital manufacturing. The product design and manufacturing landscape of India is poised for high growth and transformation sooner than later and the technology adoption could help this trigger led by domestic market demand.

EDS Technologies is engaged with multitude of companies in diverse industry verticals to help drive this transformation. The industry verticals especially the Aerospace & Defence and Infrastructure could tremendously benefit riding on these technologies especially with the huge impetus on Make in India and Smart City initiatives.

We are  leading this through few strategic initiatives through a consultative approach with the policy makers, technology adopters and the beneficiaries.  We look forward to your feedback and engage with you to make your business sustainable and profitable.

kindly write us at marketing@edstechnologies.com
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