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Embraer and Dassault Systèmes to Raise Digital Manufacturing Excellence to New Levels.
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Jaguar Land Rover accelerates design and development process with OPTIS' physics based rendering software for visualisation.
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ENOVIA V6's Openness Facilitates Design and Testing Work with CATIA PLM Express and SIMULIA.
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Presagis to support development of Brunei National Modelling and Simulation Centre.
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Experience your design "live" from concepts to production place your products in lifelike conditions before they physically exist.
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Lighting Simulation Solutions
Unique software combining photometric and mechanical data to analyze and accurately predict the behavior of light inside the leading CAD platforms.
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SIMULIA - Design Sight Structure (DSR)
Enables designers, design engineers, and other occasional users of simulation to evaluate part designs under realistic loading conditions.
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Digital simulation and certification of belt run
RAMSIS Electronic Belt Fit Test Device (eBTD) digitally simulates belt run during a journey.
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  Leverage 3D Master
"3D Master empowers all functions within a company to find, share, annotate and improve products using the richest format of information - 3D. This approach provides a number of important benefits, such as the ability to replicate and reuse the product definition for variants, lower cost and improve quality of the product design and development process and eliminate errors." Read More
To succeed in today's global business environment, companies are realizing that PLM technology is exceedingly crucial to manage new and existing complex programs in the most efficient way possible.
In the future to come, PLM technology and digital revolution are envisioned to drive the unprecedented innovation and transformation in the global industry. The international collaborations and value-chain synchronization have created a challenge by bringing down the overall "Go-To-Market" time period. EDS Technologies have always thriven under such circumstances and are committed to deliver excellence by constantly upgrading the delivery mechanism system and analyse the dynamics of the changing needs of customers to meet their expectations.
  Mohan Hegde
  Senior Manager-PLM Support
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