Newsletter, June 2007

What is new in CATIA PLM Express?

The biggest shift for CATIA V5 relates to route to market with the release of CATIA PLM Express which include flexible solutions tailored to meet existing and future customers' day-to-day business needs. An insight to CATIA PLM Express. more>>


EDS Tech and Dassault Systemes host series of CATIA PLM Express workshops in the country

EDS Technologies (EDST) and Dassault Systemes (DS) hosted series of workshops on CATIA PLM Express in the country. A new scalable solution providing CATIA design excellence., more>>
The automotive industry has spearheaded putting aesthetics at the heart of the engineering process. Aesthetics and design quality create emotions and are key contributors to product success and brand recognition.Read More to know about ICEM, the leader in styling.

ICEM products are now offered by EDS Technologies in India.




"I try not to respond to
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Q-PLM for Integration into PDM (Product Data Management) and
Data Exchange

CAD models are handled by different users – particularly when they are operating through a global supply chain, with different corporate processes and practices – the likelihood of poor product data quality increases. With Q-PLM you can ensure that each model fulfils the quality requirements for downstream application. more>>

PLM Market Moves Ahead with 10.4% Market Growth

The global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market experienced stronger than expected growth in 2006 as more companies continued to realize the benefits of adopting Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) techniques to improve business performance. ...more>>

CAVA: Business Process Accelerator (BPA) for the Automotive Industry

Today's automakers must comply with multiple government-regulated standards and norms, and CAVA (CATIA V5 - Automotive Extensions Vehicle Architecture) ensures legal conformity of the car architecture during the entire creation process, allowing companies to get designs right the first time. CAVA is a joint project of Transcat (A Dassault Systemes Company) with Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Porsche and Volkswagen ...more>>

  Product Watch  
Dassault Systemes Announces New SIMULIA Multiphysics Platform     TraceParts out with New Release

Dassault Systemes announces the availability of a new SIMULIA direct coupling interface that allows third-party physics codes developed by partners or customers to communicate directly with its ABAQUS FEA software for high-performance multiphysics simulation  ....more>>

    TraceParts, a consulting-
oriented software
developer specialized in
3D Engineering Content
and CAD part libraries released the new version V 2.5.3. The new version contains a gamut of new features in Application, Part Catalogs and Installation areas ...more>>


Thank You all for your encouraging response. We had answers pouring in from
all over the country for the Challenge


Here is the winner of the May 07 edition of "Great Indian CATIA Challenge”.

1. Kiran Phule
2. Shashidhar.N.C
Ranal Engineering.
3. Sreenivasa Kalyan Sana
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

Here we go again... With yet another Great Indian CATIA challenge. To take up the challenge answer these simple questions and you could win loads of EDST goodies like Pens, T shirts, Leather Wallets and Coffee here to participate and win >>  

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