Newsletter, July 2007
  Deliver tomorrow’s real-time vehicle simulation today!

Vortex, the Vehicle Dynamics toolkit from CM Labs supports a new level of integration for vehicles and terrain:vehicles can collide and interact with any object, including obstacles and other vehicles. It allows you to create physically accurate, real-time, interactive simulations of vehicles–whether they need to grip the road or hit the pot holes – and to integrate them to your applications. more>>

CATIA for Automotive Suppliers: Winning New Business Opportunities

To retain existing customers and win new business, automotive suppliers must deliver accurate and competitive proposals earlier and develop high quality innovative products while driving costs down. New strategies are clearly needed to support highly challenging requirements and optimize all aspects of product development process.
Read More to know how CATIA adds flexibility before committing to the final design.
  “You’re right. I should go outside and play. Buy me a loptop, and I will.”  

Light Simulation and Visual Ergonomics in Automotive Industry

Color occupies an increasingly important place in our everyday life, but also in the field of automotive. Today, color is used on the instrument panels of most cars, either in the dashboard, in head up display (HUD), or liquid crystal displays, all of which use fairly complex, differently colored symbologies. Read More to know the impact of light simulation and Visual Ergonomics in Automotive Industry


MatrixOne: The leader in collaborative Product Lifecycle Management solutions

MatrixOne delivers the industry’s most flexible PLM environment that has been built with the needs and challenges of the global enterprise in mind. The tool provides unrivaled functionality that incorporates the proven business process best practices of some of the world’s most innovative companies, such as General Electric, Honda, Procter & Gamble and Toshiba. The functionality included in Matrix10 spans the entire Product Development lifecycle, providing companies with the ability to rapidly adjust business process functionality to meet their unique needs today and tomorrow, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. To know more about MatrixOne Click Here


Interactive 3D & Virtual Reality: Beyond CAD

CAD as an industry will continue to expand and
occupy more and more ‘data niches’ in society that traditionally have been isolated in professional knowledge silos. The same way Google liberated and popularized GIS with Maps and Earth, the same revolution is happening right now in CAD and will continue at an accelerated pace. We are entering a new era where Virtual Reality
will be increasingly present in our daily lives. Click here to know more about Virtools, a multi-
sensorial 3D experience.

Engineering Services contributes 16% of Country’s Software Services Export Revenue

Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) contributed 16% of India’s total software services export revenue in the year 2006-07. IT Industry still continues its supremacy with 18 Billion US$, followed by ITES (8.6 Billion) and ESO (4.9 Billion). NASSCOM predicts ESO to equal its share to ITES by the end of 2010...more>>
Thank You all for your encouraging response. We had answers pouring in from all over the
country for the Challenge
Here is the winner of the June 07 edition of "Great Indian CATIA Challenge”.
1. Subodh
RESPL, Bangalore
2. Vinod Krishnan
Ranal Engineering, Bangalore
3. Ravishankar B
Infotech Enterprises, Hyderabad
Here we go again... With yet another Great Indian CATIA challenge. To take up the challenge answer these simple questions and you could win loads of EDST goodies like Pens, T shirts, Leather Wallets and Coffee here to participate and win >>  

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