Virtual Reality
platform giving
engineers easy access
to the digital product

RHEA (Realistic Human Experiment Analysis) has been co-developed by OPTIS and EADS Innovation Works and has been in daily use by EADS over the last 5 years. It offers a virtual reality platform for carrying out ergonomic studies on future products, their manufacturing process and maintenance schedules. Both the designer and ergonomist can take the place of the future pilot, driver, crew member, passenger and technician to experience multiple tasks with a view to globally exploring different technical solutions, interacting with the virtual mock-up, placing the human in the center of the design process. To enhance the realism of the analysis, RHEA enables users to place the future product inside animated environments thanks to a scenario manager. A unique CAD to VR transfer function has been developed to manage huge CAD CAM models such as complete aircraft inside your VR Center.
Main functions

Production Management :
Multi-configuration (compare various design solutions)
Multi-states (perform analysis on a dynamic space, i.e. open/close …)
Behavior (trajectories, physics)

Production presentation :
Navigate into/around the product (fly, advanced walk)
Scale 1:1 with immersive display
High quality real time rendering
Large dissemination through web module

Production Experimentation

Full body motion capture / Virtual human
Collision detection (product/human/tools)
Clearance envelopes
Ergonomics analysis
Geometry creation (for space allocation)


Virtual Human Module

High level mannequin controller full body motion capture
Multi-constraints animation allowing trajectories to retarget on various mannequin percentiles
Anthropometrics model based on H-Anim standard
Fast method to access any posture in less than 20”
Animation record and replay
Multi mannequin simulation
Full compatibility with Human module from CATIA/DELMIA


Ergonomics Module

Real Time Ergonomics Analysis in 3D view
Reachability / Comfort envelopes
Effort indicators
Field of view analysis
Equilibrium measurement


VR Interaction Module

Dynamic Real Time Shadows
Measurements tools (Virtual Laser Telemeter)
Navigation in the model with aerial view and pilot/operator view (walk around with ground,
stairs and obstacle detection)
Draw cables, equipment, or allocate space based on immersive experiments
Distant collaborative review

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