15th January, 2013
VT MAK Announces the Release of WebLVC Server and WebLVC Suite
New WebLVC products part of MAK initiative to put the web to work for modeling and simulation
Cambridge, Mass., – VT MAK (MAK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced the launch of MAK’s WebLVC Server and MAK WebLVC Suite. These new products are part of MAK’s WebLVC Initiative, an effort to put the web to work for the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) industry. The WebLVC Initiative also includes the prototyping of the WebLVC protocol and a WebLVCtestbed to bring live, virtual, and constructive simulation to the web.

The MAK WebLVC Server is the linchpin that connects web-based simulation and visualization applications to DIS/HLA federations using the WebLVC protocol. The Server, which is based on MAK’s VR-Exchange interoperability portal, implements the server side of the WebLVC protocol so web-based federates can participate in distributed simulations. The federation may be using DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, HLA Evolved, TENA, or any other protocol for which a VR-Exchange “Broker” exists. On the client side, we offer a set of JavaScript libraries called VR-Link.js–a JavaScript implementation of some of the key functionality in VR-Link (MAK’s industry-leading C++ interoperability toolkit). VR-Link.js implements the client side of the WebLVC protocol, easing the job of building WebLVC-compliant JavaScript federates.

The MAK WebLVC Suite is a collection of web-based applications that expand the reach of live, virtual, or constructive simulations. The Suite allows users to observe, control, and participate in their simulation from any computer or mobile device with a compatible web browser and access to a simulation network. Even if a customer works in a secure lab, the servers can be set up inside the firewall so users can still take advantage of web-based applications.

MAK has taken the initiative to prototype and develop a new protocol called WebLVC, designed specifically to support interoperability between web-based client applications and traditional modeling and simulation federations (which may be using DIS, HLA, TENA, or other distributed simulation architectures). WebLVC defines a standard protocol for encoding simulation object attributes and interactions as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) messages, exchanged over WebSockets with built-in encodings for DIS/RPR FOM semantics. MAK’s initial draft of the WebLVC protocol has been submitted as a starting point for an open standard to be developed through SISO. MAK is leading a WebLVC Study Group within SISO (Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization), to help foster broader community understanding of the problem of interoperability for web-based federates, and to evaluate the suitability of the WebLVC protocol as the basis for a consensus-based interoperability standard.

The MAK WebLVCTestbed (mak.com/testbed) is the place to evaluate, experiment, and innovate on the Web. The Testbed is made up of several parts:
  • A collection of web clients that demonstrate the possibilities of M&S moving to the web including a Simulation Manager, UAS Controller, UAS Sensor Video, 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, Message Inspector, and Entity Simulation.
  • Hosted copies of MAK’s simulation tools, VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and the MAK Data Logger—these applications provide a persistent shared distributed-simulation exercise running in the cloud for you to use and test against.
  • A hosted copy of the WebLVC Server which allows Testbed web-clients, and the web-clients that you make, to interact with the shared distributed-simulation exercise.
  • MAK encourages distributed simulation users to try out the Testbed—launch the applications, download the client application source code, and use them to build unique web applications
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