VT MÄK Announces the Release of VR-Vantage 1.4.
VT MÄK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Vantage 1.4, now with support for Microsoft Visual C++ 10 (64 bit libraries). This includes upgrades for OpenSceneGraph (to version 3.0.1) and many other dependencies (Silverlining and DI-Guy for starters).
Besides adding support for MSVC++ 10, this release includes support for HLA evolved, an object count panel, a space attach mode for attaching to satellites, an option for linear model scaling and a way to use images for 2D symbols instead of fonts. We also added more examples and better documentation for the developer's toolkit (a trend you will see continue over the next several releases).
For a complete description of all changes and improvements please see the Release Notes:
The product installers can be downloaded from:
Please remember to download and install the data package also!
This release of MÄK software is distributed without MÄK License Management Software tools. If you need to install FlexLM because you are new to MÄK software, you can download the installers here:
Customers under active maintenance with an up-to-date license key may start using this version immediately; a new key is not required. To understand if your license key is up-to-date, please read this MAK Blog post: http://mak.com/bloghome/50-support-tips-1-licensing-maintenance-date-issues.html
For more information write to marketing@edstechnologies.com