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EDS Technologies organized guest lecture for the EDST students on “Basics of CNC Machining and the current industry scenario” in Bangalore
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EDS Technologies organized industrial visit for EDST students to ACE Designers Limited in Bangalore
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Dassault Systemes acquires Realtime Technology, the leading provider of professional high-end 3D visualization software
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OptisWorks 2014 is now available which includes Photometric targets created in the sensor allowing for faster simulations enhancing users productivity
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VT MAK announces that DI-Guy is now part of MAK's suite of world-class Modeling & Simulation software products
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VT MAK announces release of VR-Forces 4.2 and VR-Vantage 1.6
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Product Focus1
Fastening for Airframe Structures: Totally Integrated from Design to Manufacturing and Assembly
Aerospace designers need to create and manage complex fastened assemblies, which can require thousands of rivets, welds or bonds. With an assembly like this, the discovery of errors late in the process leads inevitably to cost overruns and delays. Typical errors include the use of incorrect standards and failures in the defined assembly sequence. Read More
Product Focus2
Integrating the CAE environment seamlessly with Tosca Structure
Tosca Structure delivered material savings of 30%, stress reduction of 26%, and maintaining efficient manufacturability— along with significant time savings. By optimizing vehicle component structures with Tosca Structure, Scania was able to reduce expensive testing and produce lighter-weight vehicles that consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions. Read More
Product Focus3
Creating, Seeing, Experiencing and Sharing data in a Version 6 environment
Assembly and disassembly routines with legislative parts and vehicle governance data are readily available in manageable formats. The immediate benefit of creating, seeing, experiencing and sharing data in a Version 6 environment is translating into time savings of up to 40% for some specific roles in product development. Read More
Product Focus4
Digital Retrofitting : Lets you visualize the potential
To continue to innovate and develop better quality products faster, manufacturers need proper equipment and a facility conducive to success. The question is: how does a company struggling to stay afloat suddenly create a new factory where its employees can shine? Read More
Product Focus5
SeaWind - COTS software drivers for the embedded market
The rising customer demand for embedded products with capabilities available only, until recently, on desktop systems has forced embedded engineers to enhance the capabilities of their real-time systems. To meet this demand, Presagis offers production-quality source and object code for an OpenGL API-capable X11R6 environment that is compatible with real-time system constraints. Read More
Product Focus6
Vega Prime -Complete 3d Visualization Software Development Toolkit
Vega Prime is a visualization toolkit for the real-time 3D development and deployment of simulation applications. Ideal for both high-performance and low-cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s flexible plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real-time 3D applications by utilizing the most sophisticated technology available.
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The year 2013 has been a very fulfilling year for all of us at EDST. Inspite of very difficult economic conditions we grew our business significantly by bringing in value to many of our customers and help them also grow in their business. We have also increased our product portfolio to now include Enterprise applications as well. Our goal is to be a one stop solution company and ensure that our customers can rely on us to provide total solution for their enterprise need. With this goal in mind we have increased our product, service and training offering significantly and we hope to add more to this as we understand our customers requirement on a continuous basis. We thank all our customer for their business in 2013 and Wish you all very Happy and prosperous 2014.
S.SENTHIL President
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